Defusing Disinfo


Disinformation is intentionally false or misleading information spread deliberately to undermine other parties, from nations to political campaigns to individuals. It undermines public discourse and provides an opportunity for malign actors to manipulate their audiences, a particularly salient threat in an open society like ours. Disinformation divides us and fosters the development of information bubbles, separate and incompatible realities that impact even the daily functions of our society.

With new technologies enabling an unprecedented information war on a massive scale, we seek to better understand the motives behind those who engage in spreading disinformation, to familiarize ourselves with their tools and strategies, and to provide a roadmap for what the future might hold.


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The Future of Disinformation – and how to stop it

It took a decade for the dark side of social media and ubiquitous mobile devices to become apparent. What dangers loom in the decade ahead?...

Rules of Engagement for Social Media Influence Operations

A proposal for a voluntary code of ethics for civilians conducting information operations....

Cover of UNESCO handbook for journalism education to fight disinformation.

To Defuse disinformation, Use aggressive, transparent Journalism

The first step is to end the hold disinformation has on our lives and join the real world, made up of real facts and real events, in which real people are living — and dying. ...


Brendan Nyhan

Professor, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; faculty associate, Center for Political Studies at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan

Asha Rangappa

Senior lecturer, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University

Renée DiResta

Director of Research, New Knowledge; Head of Policy, Data for Democracy

Claire Wardle

Research fellow, TED; executive director, First Draft News

Bruce Schneier

Internationally renowned security technologist

Henry Farrell

professor of political science and international affairs, George Washington University